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Reliable Access

to decision-makers

Companies face constant challenges regarding regulations, market, strategy, efficiency, performance, etc; which forces them to be on constant alert and in a permanent state of change, whether to overcome a crisis, transform the business or accelerate growth.

Our organization integrates a reliable network of reputable global influential leaders whose expertise we place at our clients’ disposal to secure access to strategic regions, markets or institutions regarding issues that impact their activities.

We are a Corporate Diplomacy Bureau

We operate in different economic frameworks such as Emerging Economy, Islamic Economy, Green Economy or Knowledge Economy, with three blocks of services:
Corporate Diplomacy and Access

Activation of influence aimed at achieving favorable conditions for carrying out corporate activities.

Market Entry and Consolidation

Contextual intelligence that link companies’ knowledge to action and to their strategic positioning, enabling executives to anticipate changes.

Stakeholders Management

Measuring, quantifying and analysing the impact of stakeholder interaction on our clients. It operates on the risk-safety axis.

What we are

Reliable intervention

in critical issues

Companies and organisations must possess the ability to manage complex interactions with national governments, local and international institutions, changing market conditions, diverse emerging economies and stakeholders. 

How we help
management of risks.jpg

Reliable management

of risks

Global interconnectedness, the 24 hour news cycle and social media subject companies and institutions to overexposure. In addition, geopolitical conflicts and geostrategic risks increase their vulnerability vis-a-vis external factors. Faced with these challenges, it is vital to be able to react and adapt in real time to minimise  exposure and maximise competitive advantages in terms of power and influence.



assuming honest, transparent and accountable conduct.



building relationships based on personal and professional respect with whom we engage.


building a participative and integrative organisation concept.



oriented to satisfy the expectations of everyone we work with.


integrating knowledge, resources and experience in pursuit of a higher interest, which is to build the shared future of the company itself.

About us

Board of Directors

Pilar Saborío Aurissey
Pilar Saborío
London, UK
Julio Madrazo Aurissey
Julio Madrazo
Economy Affairs. Latam
​México D.F., México
Vítor Cunha Aurissey
Vítor Cunha
Institutional Relations
Lisbon, Portugal
Juan Reynolds Aurissey
Juan Reynolds
Lisbon, Portugal
Tomás Guerrero Aurissey
Tomás Guerrero
Economy Affairs. Middle East
Dubai, UAE
Daniel David Aurissey
Daniel David
Economy Affairs. Africa
Maputo, Mozambique
Clemente Valcárcel Aurissey
Clemente Valcárcel
Chief Legal Officer
Madrid, Spain
Antonio Sola Aurissey
Antonio Sola
Political Advisor
Madrid, Spain
Li Chengcheng
Institutional Relations. Asia
Barcelona, Spain
Laura Chinchilla Aurissey
Laura Chinchilla
Economy Affairs. Latam
San José, Costa Rica
Annette Nijs Aurissey
Annette Nijs
Economy Affairs. China
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alexander von Sachsen
Institutional Relations. Europe


Aurîssey provides supreme quality strategic advice and representation to clients around the globe. 

Our success is the result of the quality of our employees, partners and collaborators, the most broadly and deeply trained collection of professionals in the world. We hire only the very best and train them to be specialists within broad practice areas. The result is a team with an unique diversity of experience, exceptional professional skills and ability to negotiate.


We develop projects around the world. They include industrial and commercial companies, financial organisations and governmental institutions. Our client base is exceptionally diverse, a result of our extraordinary capacity to tailor work to specific client needs.


Our professionals serve our clients around the world through a network of four offices, located in strategic regions: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and LATAM. We are headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal.



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